PicSay Frequently Asked Questions


Is PicSay available for my phone?

PicSay is currently only available for devices running Google's Android OS, like the Verizon DROID, the Sprint EVO 4G, the T-Mobile myTouch, and more. PicSay works with Android 1.5 and later.

Where can I get PicSay?

Android users can download the free edition of PicSay from the Market application on their phone. PicSay Pro with more features is only available in countries where the Android Market supports priced applications.

What is the difference between the free edition and the pro edition of Picsay?

PicSay Pro has more stickers, fonts, effects, and a lot of other features. Including paint, inserting cutouts, color pop, geotagging, undo/redo for effects, and much more.

Android Market Purchases

I cannot find PicSay Pro

Search for "PicSay Pro" in the Market application. Note that PicSay Pro is only available in countries where the Android Market supports priced applications.

What is the price in US Dollars?

The price for Picsay Pro is listed in Euros. Before you make the final purchase, the Market will display an approximate price in US dollars based on the current exchange rate. Please see Currency Conversion on the official Android Market help site for more information.

I cannot download PicSay Pro

Go to Google Checkout and in Purchase History check your order status for PicSay Pro. If your card was declined, click Edit payment methods and make sure that you have correctly entered all the fields of your existing card, or add another payment method.

If Google Checkout cannot authorize your purchase make sure that your Visa or MasterCard can make payments in a foreign currency (Euros). You may need to contact your bank to see if that is the case. See also Charges and authorizations on the official Android Market help site.

There is an issue with the Market that causes downloads to stall sometimes. If your order status was succesful but the download is still at 0% after 30 minutes, cancel the download and try it again later. It may also help if you turn off your phone after you cancel the download.